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CaptureINTEL®: A Nationwide Investigative Services and Midwest Executive Protection Company

Minimize risk and maximize gain by entering into every important business deal or relationship with the proper research. Ensure that your executives are safeguarded when heading into potentially dangerous situations with the support of an elite team of protective field agents by their side. This is where CaptureINTEL has your back. As a division of American Security LLC, uniting the numerous decades of extensive industry experience from both Heartland Investigative Group and Capture Research, you can count on CaptureINTEL to go above and beyond to provide you with everything from due diligence investigations for merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions to licensed executive protection security and insurance fraud investigations. Backed by a 100% customer retention rate, rest assured that your complete satisfaction is our top priority.
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Get Peace of Mind with CaptureINTEL Services

Partner with CaptureINTEL whenever your name, integrity, security, or money is at risk. We will ensure that you know who you are doing business with and that you will be protected under our watch. Our comprehensive reports are designed to be easy to read and understand for our clients. All of our investigators and field agents are experienced and well-trained in conducting national and international due diligence investigations, as well as regional executive protection (in MN, WI, and SD) and insurance fraud investigations in the field (in MN, WI, SD, and AZ).
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Investigative Research

We specialize in all types of due diligence investigations, asset searches, corporate due diligence, and many other research projects. By understanding the goals of the transaction, we conduct your search accordingly and always have your best interests in mind.

Executive Protection Security

From private executive protection services to prepping for layoffs and security consulting, we are professionally licensed and trained to provide close protection security for you and your assets in all situations.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Sometimes, investigations need to be conducted in the field. Our seasoned field investigators have a deep understanding of proper procedures and stay in compliance with court-approved activity, ensuring that they never violate privacy laws.
More than 80% of our current or previous clients are very likely to recommend CaptureINTEL in a professional referral vs. 35% who would recommend a competitor.*
* Based on a 2021 research study conducted by a third-party marketing firm.

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  • Risk Mitigation
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Fraud Investigations

  • Comprehensive Field Services
  • Discreet Agents
  • Strong Ethical Standards


  • Worldwide Experience
  • Client Timelines and Satisfaction are Our Top Priority
  • Peace of Mind with Secure Technology

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