Asset Searches

Whether you need to determine tangibles or intangibles prior to filing litigation or identifying assets to support a loan, there are several situations when you will need to know the assets and liabilities of an individual or corporation. Our experienced investigators can uncover valuable intel, even if they have tried to transfer or hide anything. Real estate asset searches, grantor/grantee searches, title transfers, and corporate entity affiliations are a few of the many examples of assets we can locate. At CaptureINTEL, we can follow complex information trails and gather less-than-obvious evidence you will need to proceed with confidence.

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CaptureINTEL Asset Searches

  • Pre-Litigation Asset Search: Our expert investigators at CaptureINTEL can conduct a hidden asset investigation to help determine if there are any assets to pursue before moving forward with litigation. They can also aid with everything from case analysis and strategic consulting to trial preparation and historical research.

  • Banks, Work-Out Groups, and Judgments: Utilize CaptureINTEL’s resources to determine if the borrowers or guarantors have assets. By conducting a liability search to understand their liabilities, you can decide on whether to pursue further action or not. When lending relationships become strained or litigated, we’re here to help.

  • Others: Special circumstances require special attention and warrant a custom asset search. Leveraging our comprehensive process and decades of experience, we can help you with even the most unique cases.

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