CaptureIntel Leadership Team

At CaptureIntel, we leverage our experienced leadership team to ensure that we provide our clients with the best services possible, from start to finish. Keep reading to discover more about the important individuals that manage the various facets of our business.
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Terri Shepherd

CaptureIntel Senior VP of Investigations

Terri founded her first company in 1984 and has been an entrepreneur ever since. She loves to build systems, processes, and companies. Terri’s experience of over 28 years in the credit and collections industry provided her the knowledge and vision to start Capture Research as a subsidiary in 2007. After two acquisitions and selling two companies herself, Terri focused her business on the mergers and acquisitions industry. After merging Capture Research with Heartland Investigations to become CaptureIntel, Terri is responsible for strategy and business development. Her focus is to work with clients that can benefit from the skills and experience of CaptureIntel. Providing the highest quality investigation with tenacity and integrity is her top priority.

Terri has served on several national and local boards and was the executive director of the Minnesota Association of Collectors for 15 years. Her interests in lobbying and policy provided her the opportunity to serve on the US Chamber Small Business Board and the US Chamber International Policy Board in Washington DC.

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James Ristvedt, Esq., CII

CaptureIntel VP of Compliance

James has conducted, managed, or assisted with over 5,000 investigations, spanning a wide array of case and client types, with each posing its own unique challenges. In his position, James is responsible for the daily operations of CaptureIntel’s investigative division and manages a staff of several highly specialized investigators and analysts.

In addition to his investigative credentials, James is also a licensed attorney. In 2019, James received the highest score statewide on the Arizona Bar Exam out of a field of nearly 600 examinees, with his Multi-State Bar Examination (MBE) score ranking in the 99.8th percentile out of approximately 50,000 examinees nationwide. James received a Juris Doctor cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law. He also received a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Saint John’s University with a concentration in political science and philosophy.

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Brad Wittrock

CaptureIntel Director of Field Operations

Since 1998, Brad has worked and managed over 6,000 different field investigations, spanning from surveillance to executive protection. In every instance, each unique case is completed with a skilled, ethical, and experienced approach. Brad understands the urgency and impact of making quick, difficult decisions drawing from training and past experiences. He has worked with a wide range of clients, spanning from private consumers to fortune 500 companies. As the director of field operations for CaptureIntel, he brings over 22 years of field experience, security, and training to lead our qualified team of field investigators.

Brad received an Associate Degree in Applied Science from Alexandria Technical College with a major in law enforcement and a Bachelor of Elective Studies from St. Cloud State University, majoring in human relations with a minor in criminal justice. He is a member of the Minnesota Association of Private Investigators (MAPI), the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association (MDLA), and MEWCA (Minnesota Employment Workers Compensation Association). He is trained and efficient in assisting clients with crisis management.