CaptureINTEL Leadership Team

At CaptureINTEL, we leverage our experienced leadership team to ensure that we provide our clients with the best services possible, from start to finish. Keep reading to discover more about the important individuals that manage the various facets of our business.

Terri Shepherd

Senior VP of Investigations

Terri founded her first company in 1984 and has been an entrepreneur ever since. She loves to build systems, processes, and companies. Terri’s experience of over 28 years in the credit and collections industry provided her the knowledge and vision to start Capture Research as a subsidiary in 2007. After two acquisitions and selling two companies herself, Terri focused her business on the mergers and acquisitions industry. After merging Capture Research with Heartland Investigations to become CaptureINTEL, Terri is responsible for strategy and business development. Her focus is to work with clients that can benefit from the skills and experience of CaptureINTEL. Providing the highest quality investigation with tenacity and integrity is her top priority.

Terri has served on several national and local boards and was the executive director of the Minnesota Association of Collectors for 15 years. Her interests in lobbying and policy provided her the opportunity to serve on the US Chamber Small Business Board and the US Chamber International Policy Board in Washington DC.

Damon Fraser

Chief Legal & Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary

Marsden’s Chief Legal & Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary, Damon Fraser, oversees the operating companies of American Security and CaptureINTEL.

Damon’s legal career has spanned several industries, from food service management and real estate to retail stores, giving him a wealth of understanding in diverse business operations and market drivers.

Damon’s areas of expertise include legal/compliance, strategic planning, change management, employee engagement, safety/risk mitigation/insurance, and labor/employment. Damon leverages his legal and business background to solve problems, drive growth within organizations, and ensure the long-term viability and success of each project. He also specializes in structural improvement, processes and workflows, corporate governance, internal auditing, crisis communication, technology systems, and problem resolution.

Damon graduated from the University of Minnesota and earned his law degree at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law. He served on the board of Nova Classical Academy and is an advisor to Novation Education Opportunities, a Minnesota charter school authorizer.

Ashlee Proulx

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager Ashlee Proulx has an impressive track record spanning over two decades, showcasing expertise in sales, leadership, and account management. Her standout skills lie in identifying synergistic opportunities and expertly crafting win-win scenarios that form the foundation for mutually beneficial collaborations. Ashlee is recognized for her unwavering commitment to nurturing long-lasting partnerships, while her dedication to continuous growth and innovation fuels her mission to reshape the business development landscape.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised in Minnesota, Ashlee embodies a unique blend of Midwest work ethic. She has a positive attitude, team player mindset, and is determined to succeed in both business and life. In addition to her thriving career, Ashlee holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Capella University and proudly wears the hats of a devoted wife and loving mother of two.

Christy Nelson

Director of Research Investigations

Meet our Director of Research Investigations, Christy Nelson, a dynamic member of CaptureINTEL who brings a wealth of hands-on experience. She is driven by an unwavering passion for efficiency, communication, and client satisfaction.

With 20 years of experience in operations with a focus on client services, Christy has honed her skills through a diverse range of projects and challenges. Her journey in the investigations industry has been marked by a commitment to excellence, a proactive approach to problem-solving, and a track record of successful project delivery.

Since joining CaptureINTEL in 2016, Christy has played a pivotal role in research investigations and account management. She has managed over 1,300 research investigations for various clients, all while leading a team of seasoned account managers and research investigators.

Beyond the professional realm, Christy enjoys spending time with her husband and three children in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. She has a passion for event planning and entertaining friends and family.

Brad Wittrock

Director of Field Operations, Investigations

Since 1998, Brad has worked and managed over 6,000 different field investigations, spanning from surveillance to executive protection. In every instance, each unique case is completed with a skilled, ethical, and experienced approach. Brad understands the urgency and impact of making quick, difficult decisions drawing from training and past experiences. He has worked with a wide range of clients, spanning from private consumers to fortune 500 companies. As the director of field operations for CaptureINTEL, he brings over 22 years of field experience, security, and training to lead our qualified team of field investigators.

Brad received an Associate Degree in Applied Science from Alexandria Technical College with a major in law enforcement and a Bachelor of Elective Studies from St. Cloud State University, majoring in human relations with a minor in criminal justice. He is a member of the Minnesota Association of Private Investigators (MAPI), the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association (MDLA), and MEWCA (Minnesota Employment Workers Compensation Association). He is trained and efficient in assisting clients with crisis management.