Why Choose Us

CaptureINTEL is the single division formed by the merging of Heartland Investigative Group and Capture Research. Through the collaborative partnership of these two companies, we are able to expand the scope of our expert investigative and intelligence services and geographic reach. This allows us to serve our clients better and drive greater efficiency in our operations.

As a result, you can count on CaptureINTEL to go above and beyond to uncover valuable intel, in or out of the field, so that you can make informed decisions before entering into an important business deal or during a legal investigation, as well as be protected when heading into potentially dangerous situations. Helping you achieve peace of mind whenever your name, integrity, security, or money is at risk is what we do best.

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As a division of American Security LLC (founded in 1976), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsden Holding LLC (founded in 1952), we not only have a dedicated team of professionally trained investigators and field agents but leverage cumulative expertise from our parent companies for every case.

What Makes Us Different

Why Choose CaptureINTEL for Investigative Research

Unparalleled Industry Knowledge

With Heartland Investigative Group founded in 1991 and Capture Research founded in 2007, we have combined decades of industry knowledge to empower our clients with valuable intel.

Prompt Response Times and Customized Client Involvement

A dedicated representative is immediately assigned to your account to provide prompt responses. Your representative will help design the right scope for your project and keep you apprised throughout the investigation of any red flags.

Guaranteed Deadlines

Our turnaround time is guaranteed. We make sure to deliver your comprehensive, easy-to-read report within your timeline. Your scheduled closing date, court date, or transaction date are critical, so we guarantee that you will have your report on time.

Why Choose CaptureINTEL for Security and Protection

Trained Protective Personnel

Our team has applied their executive protection and security skills throughout the Midwest, including the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. Our agents are fully licensed and have undergone some of the most rigorous training available today.

Risk Mitigation

We evaluate the risk level and take all precautions before determining the best action plan. Our active communication methods enable us to keep in touch throughout the entire case.

Discreet Security

When keeping assets out of harm’s way, our armed agents are dressed to blend into the environment.

Why Choose CaptureINTEL for Field Investigations

Comprehensive Field Services

From complex workers’ comp surveillance to prove claims fraud to gathering witness/victim statements for criminal defense cases, we have the experience to uncover the truth.

Discreet Agents

Our experienced agents know all the tips and tricks of the trade to remain discreet and not alert the subject of the insurance fraud investigation/field investigation.

Strong Ethical Standards for Maximum Value

Based on the goal of the case, we know when to start and stop the clock to prevent any unnecessary billing when performing workers’ comp surveillance/field surveillance.

Why Choose CaptureINTEL as Your NAIC-Approved Vendor

Worldwide Experience

CaptureINTEL’s specialized NAIC division has conducted thousands of due diligence investigations in all 50 states, as well as internationally.

Client Timelines and Satisfaction are Our Top Priority

Our experienced investigators and analysts are available to assist you throughout this process with fast and efficient service. Our turnaround time is between one-to-two weeks but can vary depending on the size of your request.

Peace of Mind with Secure Technology

Rest assured that your important documents will remain confidential and protected any time you work with CaptureINTEL.

Client Testimonials

With Heartland Investigative Group and Capture Research merging into one united division, CaptureINTEL, we hired an experienced research firm, Diedrich RPM, to conduct a market research survey. Here are some comments from clients about working with us:

Keep doing what you’re doing. It works.”

“They are quick and efficient. Feel like I can trust their work.”

Thorough, timely, easy-to-navigate report..”

We only use them. They provide great turnaround time which is very important. Price as well.”

Communication before, during, and after surveillance happens is great.”

“They go over and beyond with additional tasks to ensure we obtain the best possible outcomes. They are timely with responses and do a great job.”

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