A Merger of Two Companies

CaptureINTEL is the single division formed by the merging of Heartland Investigative Group and Capture Research, under American Security LLC (ASI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsden Holding LLC.
capture research and heartland

Founded in 1976, ASI has become one of the largest integrated security providers in the United States, combining traditional guarding services with advanced technologies to create customizable solutions for any facility infrastructure. Since 1952, Marsden has strived tirelessly to provide the highest level of customer service in its operations to thousands of clients across the United States. Marsden has grown into a full-spectrum facility services provider, offering security, janitorial, building maintenance, and specialty property services.

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At CaptureINTEL, we not only have a dedicated team of professionally trained investigators and field agents but leverage cumulative expertise from our parent companies for every case.

CaptureINTEL serves as a nationwide investigative services and Midwest executive protection company that empowers its clients with valuable intel and provides licensed security services in the field. This includes everything from due diligence investigations for merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions to qualified executive security and field surveillance of insurance claimants. Helping you achieve peace of mind whenever your name, integrity, security, or money is at risk is what we do best.