Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigations in the Field

Acting as Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

When investigations need to be conducted outside of the office to prove insurance claim fraud, for example, our seasoned field investigators have a deep understanding of proper procedures. We always comply with state- and federal-mandated laws so that we never violate restrictions put in place to ensure an individual’s privacy. CaptureINTEL is pleased to offer insurance fraud investigation services in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Arizona.
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Professional Fraud Investigation Services

At CaptureINTEL, our independent insurance investigators have numerous years of experience in conducting surveillance for various investigations, including but not limited to fraudulent insurance claims, slip and fall investigations, workers’ comp investigations, legal work, child custody cases, infidelity, etc. We are also trained, experienced, and very effective in interviewing witnesses, gathering intel, difficult service of process work, and many other cases.

Why Choose CaptureINTEL for Insurance Fraud Investigations

Field Services

From complex workers’ comp surveillance to prove insurance claims fraud to gathering witness/victim statements for criminal defense cases, we have the experience to uncover the truth.


Our experienced agents know all the tips and tricks of the trade to remain discreet and not alert the subject of the insurance fraud investigation/field investigation.

Strong Ethical Standards

Based on the goal of the case, we know when to start and stop the clock to prevent any unnecessary billing when performing workers’ comp surveillance/field surveillance.