In today’s digital world, social media has become one of the most popular online activities. A  report from the Congressional Research Service estimates that 70% of adults used some form of social media in 2021, compared to only 5% in 2005. This spike in popularity means that more people are sharing their lives online, including the publishing of potential evidence. Whether it is uncovering intel for a court case or determining the path forward for a business transaction, CaptureINTEL’s skilled investigators have been trained to find viable social media information in an ethical and legal manner when conducting a comprehensive social media investigation.

A Social Media Investigation: What It Is and Why You Need One

A professional social media investigation involves the search of posts, status updates, photos, and conversations of an individual on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. This service is commonly used to support a court case, due diligence investigation, executive hire, or other situations. The uncovered intel can be used to support alibis, provide supplementary evidence, or for risk assessment.

Anyone can dig around and find information on social media sites. However, it takes a significant amount of time, the correct research tools, and an understanding of ethics and procedure. A trained investigator can find and extract information and data that the average person cannot in a way that will prove who posted it and when, even if it has been deleted. There are requirements for what information can be collected and presented to the court, most of which cannot be accessed without technical skill and sophisticated software. At CaptureINTEL, we will ensure that we understand your goals before moving forward.

In addition, social media can capture the public’s perception and opinion of a company, which can be valuable to learn before a business relationship is developed. Reputational due diligence via an online investigation can help ensure that meaningful information is not overlooked when considering a prospective investment or merger.

Minimize risk and maximize gain with a social media investigation. Rest assured that our services will remain professional and discreet. Overall, CaptureINTEL understands the ethics, technology needs, and unique investigative methods required for a successful search.