If you are a lender or investor, you understand that issuing a loan, entering a strategic alliance, or acquiring a business can be necessary to reach company goals. Before completing the transaction, it is crucial that you conduct a professional corporate intelligence investigation on both the target company owners/C-suite executives and the entity itself. At CaptureINTEL, we can work with and complement law firms to ensure that our clients are covered on all bases.

Mitigate risk and drive informed decision-making by adding a corporate entity search to your investigation. As noted in our company name, our top priority is to provide your business with crucial intel to proceed with peace of mind.

Defining a Corporate Entity Search

By definition, a corporate entity search involves the comprehensive collection of facts and due diligence on a target company’s location(s), legal registrations/cases, DBA (“doing business as”) name/ trade name, affiliates, and more. The purpose of this add-on service is to provide clients with actionable insights into the entity itself beyond individuals such as the target company’s owner(s) and C-suite executives.

Why You Need a Corporate Entity Search by CaptureINTEL

Approximately 50% of the time, CaptureINTEL discovers additional information on entities, which ultimately factors into the decision to move forward with the transaction.

One of our current clients in the medical field noted, “We think it is hugely important to ensure that each of the entities has proper licensure from the requisite medical boards and associations. In addition, we need to confirm that there are no ongoing litigations or investigations, that the trademarks belong to the company, etc. From our perspective, while there may be some overlap with our legal due diligence, the cost of including the corporate entity search with CaptureINTEL pales in comparison to the value it delivers. From a cost standpoint, it is equivalent to one to two extra legal hours, but it delivers way more value.

At CaptureINTEL, our expert investigators go beyond the surface level to uncover hidden or false information for minimal additional cost. Our comprehensive and easy-to-read reports can cover both the findings on the individuals of interest and the entity, making it a valuable reference for future decisions. We can discover crucial intel such as:

  • Legal Information 
  • We do a deep dive to uncover information if the target entity is legitimate with the credentials and services it claims. This covers applicable affiliates, their DBA and legal name, company locations, trademarks, and more. We often find additional companies that the entity owns, business name changes, registrations in undisclosed states, unpaid taxes, and more. Sometimes, this is a non-issue, but it is beneficial information to know regardless.
  • Negative Media and Reputation
  • This includes the search for negative press releases, news articles, and more that can paint a clearer picture of the entity. We also offer a detailed deep-dive media scan and social media searches to complement this.
  • Regulatory Information and Licensing 
  • If the entity is in a regulated industry such as the medical field or financial services, it is important to verify their city, state, and federal-level registrations. In addition, we can find OSHA and other government-related infractions.
  • Court Records
  • We can uncover if the entity has been subject to legal action or involved in corruption/fraud. This includes the history of ALL criminal/civil cases and liens, court records, and open/closed cases. We can also find out if they are a shell firm with no real staff or business purpose.

A Corporate Entity Search Case Study

A client was investing in an organization that provides non-bank lending services. They entrusted CaptureINTEL to investigate the four-person leadership team, as well as the parent company and a few related businesses. After our initial investigation, we found that two of the companies had former names and a different legal name than their trade name. Utilizing these findings, we were able to dig deep into the companies and make sure we uncovered all the facts. The industry is very litigious, so there were several cases to examine for all current and former names. We also found some media that concerned the client, but the information in the news article ultimately helped to outline some deal terms since there was an impending risk identified.

With decades of industry experience, CaptureINTEL acts as a trusted advisor who empowers our clients with a comprehensive corporate entity search. After understanding your goals, we conduct your investigation accordingly. Trust us to have your best interests in mind. Connect with our team today to get started!