Case Study 1

A client listed a search with us on the management team of their target company. All of the team had been with the company for several years, and the background search seemed to be a necessary nuisance. The preliminary findings on the company president found several judgments and liens in another state from 15 years ago. He also had two DWI convictions in more recent years. After immediately notifying the client, we searched the additional state jurisdiction and provided very detailed information on all the civil and criminal lawsuits.

Case Study 2

A client trusted CaptureINTEL to conduct a due diligence background check on a potential independent contractor. This contractor would have extensive exposure with the public at this company, and it was critical to assure the client that the contractor could not damage their brand. The corporate intelligence investigation uncovered several lawsuits and financial issues, but more importantly, the contractor’s claim of having an undergrad degree and a master’s degree in the specialized field were never earned. Both were misrepresented, as well as the licensed credentials the contractor claimed to have, which were not valid.

Corporate Intelligence

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