Case Study 1

A roofing client hired CaptureINTEL through its insurance agency to conduct surveillance on a subject that was allegedly injured and collecting workers’ compensation. The client knew that the subject’s brother owned his own roofing company and suspected that the subject was being paid cash for extra work on top of his workers’ compensation payment. While surveilling a house for a different case, a roofing van pulled up to the house across the street with four occupants. As they exited the vehicle, we immediately recognized one of the individuals as the subject we actively monitored for this case. He proceeded to tear off shingles, clean up, and carry bundles up a ladder for the next eight hours, confirming that he was not injured and was “double dipping” his benefit payment and the extra cash from his brother. It ended up being a 2-for-1 kind of day.

Case Study 2

A client and his attorney engaged CaptureINTEL to conduct surveillance on his two underage daughters, ages 16 and 17, to ensure that they were being taken care of properly by their mother. We were tasked with monitoring the residence to see if the mother was leaving the kids home alone. Out of 12 days of surveillance, the mother was only observed for two of those days. On top of that, the 16-year-old daughter was seen leaving the residence one morning with her boyfriend who had slept over. This confirmed the client’s suspicions regarding the welfare of his children.

Case Study 3

We had a case with an employee claiming he had a permanent injury to his lower back, neck, and bilateral shoulders. He was off of work indefinitely at a weekly rate of $552.86. He was entitled to 130 weeks up to $71,871.80. He likely would have reached this amount because his attorney refused to allow him to go to an independent medical evaluation due to COVID-19. His attorney indicated that he was incapable of returning to work because he could barely walk and had a low immune system, so he could not be treated in a large clinical setting. His employer hired us to conduct surveillance, and we found him walking everywhere, including at a mall and a casino with no mask. As a result, his benefits ended, and the judge ruled in favor of maintaining the denial on those benefits. In the end, his employer only paid him $4,313.86 in benefits versus $71,871.80, which equates to a total cost savings of $67,557.94.

Case Study 4

We had a case with a subject that claimed he was permanently and totally disabled. This subject’s attorney was very insistent that she would not settle his claim, and in fact, they claimed a present value of $395,000 with the need for ongoing psych care and neuropsychic care. This attorney did not think that he had any mental capabilities to hold a job, which made him eligible for permanent total disability. When conducting surveillance for the subject’s employer, we found out that he was voluntarily working at a treatment center and helping with their accounting. We were able to petition this company to find out further details of his employment. We got the neuropsychic to say his traumatic brain injury was over fabricated, and this forced the employee’s attorney to entertain settlement. However, the employee’s attorney demand only dropped down to $350,000 with the closure of medical. We then conducted additional surveillance, which showed that he could do several things, including taking a bus on his own. His employer eventually settled the claim for $150,000 to close out all medical with an employment law release. This resulted in a $200,000 cost savings.

Case Study 5

An employer hired us to do field surveillance on an individual that claimed he was permanently and totally disabled. We were able to prove with videos and photos that the individual was quite active and was at a fitness center playing racquetball, as well as walking with no gait issues as he had reported. The exposure on this claim was approximately $155,000; however, his employer could settle during mediation for $72,000, plus no future medical or employment law issues, saving them thousands of dollars.

Field Investigations

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