We were hired to assist a property management team with a tenant eviction at an apartment complex. The tenant had been verbally and physically abusive to others within the building, as well as the management team, and they were not sure how he would react to the eviction notice. He was believed to be suffering from mental illness, which made him highly unpredictable. We met with the management team, assessed the building, and prepared for different scenarios that might occur. On the day of the eviction notification, we were present inside the room when he was informed, then escorted him up to his unit, so he could collect what was left of his property. Once upstairs, he became belligerent and attempted to quickly enter the unit and lock the door. Thankfully, the agent had already prepared for this and made sure he could not barricade himself inside. The agent sprang into action and did not allow the individual to get the door closed. He entered the unit and took control of the situation. We were able to escort him outside with what property he had in his possession and successfully resolve the situation. He was told he was not allowed back on property as he entered his vehicle and departed the area.

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