Case Study 1

We were contacted by an HR director from a business located in Minneapolis, MN. They had an employee who seemed to be suffering from depression or mental illness and became verbally abusive with other employees and managers. They offered to get him help multiple times; however, he did not think help was necessary. We were hired to assist with the termination, followed by securing the building and employees for an undetermined amount of time. In addition, we conducted surveillance on the individual to understand more about his daily routines and to ensure he was not casing the business or neighborhoods in which his supervisors reside. During the detail, we observed him going to the condo where a supervisor of his lived. Both the client and local police department were contacted, and several steps were put in place to ensure the safety of the client and his family.

Case Study 2

We were contacted by a CEO of a large company who was having an issue with an employee and wanted guidance on how to proceed. After speaking with the client, HR, and their corporate counsel, we learned that the employee had recently sent nasty late-night emails to his supervisors, threatening violence. We were contracted to assist with the termination, as well as attempt to get answers regarding his recent behavior. After conducting surveillance, we soon determined that the employee was likely an alcoholic as he frequented bars and liquor stores quite often. Once he had consumed enough alcohol and liquor courage set in, he would send threatening emails to his coworkers late at night. When he woke up sober in the morning, he would immediately apologize to everyone he emailed. This exact scenario went on for multiple nights until we delivered a letter threatening legal action if he did not stop. After the letter was delivered, all contact ceased.

Security and Protection

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