Case Study 1

An asset-based lender has a domestic US client that also has a plant located in Mexico. The borrower was from Mexico, so a global background search was ordered in the US and Mexico. The search in Mexico found several plaintiff suits. The borrower had sued past financial institutions, the federal government, and several other entities in Mexico. Although dispositions or outcomes of cases are not documented in the Mexican court system, we could report to the client all of the court dockets and complaints, ultimately showing that the borrower had a tendency to litigate.

Case Study 2

A private equity client targeted a Canadian company and engaged CaptureINTEL to conduct global due diligence background checks on the leadership team. During the investigation, we found that one subject was not Canadian as he represented, but rather from an eastern European country. The subject had changed his name and acquired a new identity to hide his previous felony conviction and incarceration in a U.S. federal prison for a $6.5 million fraud scheme.

Case Study 3

A client hired CaptureINTEL to authenticate an offer letter they received from a prospective buyer and money source in a country outside of the U.S. With an international due diligence investigation, we proved that the letter was fraudulent based on several facts that were uncovered. The companies and individuals named in the letter were real, but they were unaware that they were being named in the scheme as the funding source.

International Due Diligence

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