If you are a company undergoing a merger or acquisition, you are probably aware of the importance of conducting a due diligence investigation to protect your name, integrity, and money. Knowing all you need to know before investing in a significant transaction or corporate relationship is a crucial step. At CaptureINTEL, we complete due diligence for our clients and provide them with a comprehensive and easy-to-read investigative research report with the uncovered intel. Rely on us to help set your company up for future success.

Investigative Research Reports by CaptureINTEL

When you work with us, you can count on quick response times and customized client involvement. A dedicated representative is immediately assigned to your account to provide prompt responses. Your representative will help design the right scope for your project and keep you apprised throughout the investigation of any red flags.

After uncovering valuable intel from our thorough research methods, we compile all crucial details into an organized investigative research report. Every report will look different, but some common findings include:

  • Background knowledge of C-suite executives
  • Tangible and intangible assets
  • Legal information such as lawsuits on the company and leadership team
  • Licensing and regulatory research

Ultimately, a comprehensive investigative research report supplements the decision-making process when finalizing deals and contracts. At times, special circumstances require special attention and warrant a custom due diligence investigation. Leveraging our comprehensive process and decades of experience, we can help you with even the most unique cases. We also understand that your scheduled transaction date is critical, so we guarantee you will have your report on time. It is all part of the CaptureINTEL advantage.