Client satisfaction is a top priority at CaptureINTEL. With Heartland Investigative Group and Capture Research merging into one united division, we hired an experienced research firm, Diedrich RPM, to conduct a customer research survey that was completed by current and former customers, as well as prospective and non-customers. This survey focused on understanding the competitive landscape, participant satisfaction, and client communication preferences so that we can leverage the findings to effectively meet the current and future needs of our customers under our new company name.

A CaptureINTEL Customer Research Survey Summary

Methodology: Survey data was collected using a mixed-method approach that included email campaigns and telephone interviews. Geographic boundaries were limited to respondents within the United States.

Customer Demographics: In order to participate, survey research respondents were pre-screened to ensure that they fell in one of these three categories:

  • Sole Decision Maker
  • Part of a Group
  • Influence over Decision Maker(s)

Three-fourths of survey respondents have been employed in their current field/industry for more than 10 years. More than one-third have been employed for more than 20 years. The top three industries represented were Legal/Law, Private Equity, and Banking.

Survey Result: Heartland/Capture scored higher than the competition on all eight attributes listed (qualified/trustworthy, easy-to-understand reports, flexible to work with, overall satisfaction, turnaround times met, response times to inquiries, red flag notifications, and value-quality for the cost).

Key Takeaway: This is perhaps our most important takeaway from this study. In particular, the key drivers of response time to inquiries, value-quality for the cost, and easy-to-understand reports had the most significant correlation to overall satisfaction. We look forward to leveraging these key drivers to further enhance our services as CaptureINTEL.

Survey Result: We received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 83.4% among “Promoters” who are very likely to recommend Heartland/Capture to a colleague or as a professional referral, opposed to 35.8% who would recommend a competitor.

Key Takeaway: Our NPS score allows us to gauge the quality of our customer service, particularly in relation to our competitors. Although we are glad to have a high NPS score, we recognize that there is still room for enhancing our services to increase client loyalty and satisfaction for the future.

Survey Result: Nearly all respondents (over 90%) prefer email communication when working with providers in the research/security/investigative field. More than half (55%) of respondents preferred to be “extremely involved” after a project is initiated and throughout the process.

Key Takeaway: We were pleased to discover that these findings validated current company procedures. When it comes to customer involvement and the preferred communication method, we immediately assign a dedicated representative to your account to provide prompt responses via email. When working with us, your representative will help design the right scope for your project and keep you apprised throughout the investigation of any red flags.

Overall, we are thrilled about the customer research survey results and our future as a newly merged company. We look forward to providing our customers with the quality services they trust while implementing their helpful feedback within our business decisions. We plan to carry on the best qualities from Heartland and Capture to our customers, new and old.