Warmer months are on the horizon, which means that tradeshows, conferences, fairs, and other busy events are rapidly approaching. In a world where criminals, terrorists, and stalkers are on the loose, high-profile individuals such as C-suite leaders or other employees can benefit from executive private security/ CaptureINTEL security services. This is especially true if the individual is heading into a potentially dangerous situation, such as a crowded spring or summer event. Ensure their safety with the support of an elite team of CaptureINTEL protection agents by their side.

Why Your Organization Needs Executive Private Security/ CaptureINTEL Protection Agents

1. Safeguarding Employees and Assets

With executive protection services, ensure the safety and well-being of the key leaders and/or employees of your organization. Due to their prominence in the company and to the public, executives are more at risk as “persons of interest” in the spotlight. Minimizing risk should always be a priority concerning the safety of your VIPs in unpleasant or crowded situations.

2. Enhancing Employee Productivity

For CEOs and other executives/employees, time is money. They will be less productive overall if they constantly worry about their well-being. By hiring executive private security, VIPs can continue to focus on their business while we take care of their safety during busy events with previous planning and preparation. Being protected allows them to work and travel freely, deliver presentations to big audiences, engage with clients and business partners, and do everything they need to do to make their company successful.

3. Peace of Mind for Company Continuity

If the safety of a high-ranking member or any employee of an organization is jeopardized, it can significantly disrupt a business. Unwanted effects could include decreased consumer confidence, reductions in share prices, negative press, and less professional trust. While having executive security cannot guarantee that such circumstances will never occur, the likelihood is dramatically reduced through intelligence gathering, developing a risk-mitigation plan, and having trained protection agents on the scene to immediately jump into action.

Ready for service in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota, you can count on CaptureINTEL to provide effective and professional executive private security services for busy spring and summer events. Connect with us to learn more about how we can support your security goals.