By definition, close protection security is the mitigation of threats for a client by a highly trained field agent in near proximity. In a world where criminals, terrorists, and stalkers are on the loose, high-profile individuals such as C-suite executives, employees, celebrities, and athletes can all benefit from close protection services. This is especially true if the individual is heading into a potentially dangerous situation such as a hostile termination, crowded event, etc. Ensure their safety with the support of an elite team of CaptureINTEL protective personnel by their side.

3 Benefits of Close Protection Services by CaptureINTEL

Preventing Hostile Situations with a Risk Mitigation Plan

With our close protection services, we will evaluate the current risk level and take all precautions/security measures before determining the best action plan for your assets. This includes investigating the issue, gathering necessary intel, and maintaining active communications to keep in touch throughout the entire case. Minimizing overall personal risk should always be a priority concerning your safety in unpleasant situations.

Reducing Threat Levels in High-Risk Environments

From rowdy crowd dispersals to aggressive employee terminations, our close protection officers are trained to react rapidly to changing threats. All our field agents are fully licensed and have completed rigorous training to perform their duty to the highest degree. When keeping assets out of harm’s way, our experienced agents will dress to blend into the environment to maintain a low profile. This is especially beneficial to avoid tipping off anyone who may commit a crime or become violent.

Peace of Mind that Help is Available When Needed

Whatever the current risk level may be, clients can count on us to help them when needed. Rest assured that our agents will remain nearby, discreet, and ready at all times. They are highly alert and prepared to jump into action. Being in a position of influence can make individuals more vulnerable and can attract unwanted attention. Trust us to protect your assets when they need it most.

Ready for service in the Midwest region of the United States, you can count on CaptureINTEL to provide effective and professional close protection services. We can aid with workplace violence prevention, personal security awareness/self-defense measures, and many other cases. Connect with us to learn more about how we can support your security goals.