Investors, litigators, bankers, and suppliers are all entities that can benefit from asset and liability searches to determine tangibles or intangibles prior to filing litigation or to identify assets to support a loan or new business relationship. Overall, there are several situations that require the investigation of the assets and liabilities of an individual or corporation. Real estate holdings, grantor/grantee searches, title transfers, and corporate entity affiliations are a few of the many examples of assets that can be located by a professional investigative research company such as CaptureINTEL. To further explain why asset and liability searches are needed, it is important to understand the benefits of this specialized service.

Why You Need Asset and Liability Searches: Three Benefits

1. Discover Assets to Pursue During Pre-Litigation

Uncover hidden assets or determine if there are any assets to pursue before moving forward with litigation. By doing this, you can determine how difficult it will be to collect unpaid debts and if filing a lawsuit is a worthwhile endeavor. Our expert investigators at CaptureINTEL are at your service. We can also help with everything from case analysis and strategic consulting to trial preparation and historical research.

2. Determine if Borrowers or Guarantors Have Sufficient Resources

If you are a corporate entity that lends capital, it is valuable to determine and authenticate if the prospective borrowers or guarantors have assets in support of the loan. By understanding their liabilities, you can decide on whether to do business with them or not. CaptureINTEL is here to help you make informed decisions and can provide support when lending relationships become strained or litigated.

3. Enter New Business Relationships with Peace of Mind

If an entity is considering entering into a business relationship, such as a merger or acquisition, conducting an asset and liability search is a crucial component of due diligence efforts. The entity acting as the acquirer should find out what assets the other company has to offer, as well as any liabilities such as debt, liens, and lawsuits, before moving forward with the transaction. This will help minimize risk and set the entity up for future success. At CaptureINTEL, we have the resources and expertise to empower our clients with valuable intel.

Ultimately, our skilled investigators can provide comprehensive asset and liability searches, even if someone has tried to transfer or hide anything. At CaptureINTEL, we can follow complex information trails and gather less-than-obvious evidence you will need to proceed with confidence.