By definition, investigative research is a collection of comprehensive techniques used to uncover secret, hidden, or obscure information that is necessary to paint a better picture of an issue under investigation. Companies within the banking, financial, and accounting fields, for example, can minimize risk and maximize gain by entering into every important business deal or relationship with the proper research. This is where CaptureINTEL has your back.

Equipped with a team of expert investigators and analysts, we provide all types of due diligence investigations, asset and liability searches, corporate intelligence, and many other investigative research projects to empower our clients with valuable intel.

After understanding the goals of your transaction, we conduct your search accordingly to provide prompt responses, detailed reports that are easy to read and understand, and flexibility while working with us throughout the entire process. Keep reading to learn more about the seven types of investigative research that we specialize in.

Investigative Research Services by CaptureINTEL

1. Due Diligence Investigations

A professional due diligence investigation will verify that all provided information is accurate before you invest in an important transaction or business relationship. We can aid with buy-side and sell-side due diligence, private equity background checks, M&A transactions, and more. Leveraging our comprehensive process and decades of experience, we can help you with even the most unique cases.

2. Asset and Liability Searches

There are several situations when you will need to know the assets and liabilities of an individual or corporation. Real estate holdings, grantor/grantee searches, title transfers, and corporate entity affiliations are a few of the many examples of assets we can locate. Our experienced investigators can uncover intel for pre-litigation and lenders, even after attempts to transfer or hide anything.

3. Corporate Intelligence

Those with the best intel succeed, especially in the corporate landscape. Whether you are prepping for a vital merger or need insight into a future client or vendor, we can provide executives with the intelligence and due diligence services required to make informed decisions.

4. Social Media Investigations and Reputation Research

Social media can be an effective resource to find the facts. If you need us to uncover unsatisfactory feedback about a company or an individual’s overall reputation for a court case or to protect your reputational risk, we have your back. Rest assured that our services will remain professional and discreet.

5. International Due Diligence Investigations

Timelines and available records vary by country, but we have completed hundreds of international due diligence investigations and can provide local “feet on the ground” or assist with obtaining records via our network of experts across the world. From validating passports to protecting your business from illegal money laundering, we will always have your best interests in mind.

6. Legal Investigations

When it comes to legal cases, providing concrete evidence to make informed decisions is the key to success. From supporting criminal defense cases to conducting background checks on potential C-suite executives, our team has the skills to uncover valuable intel for all types of legal investigations.

7. NAIC Biographical Affidavit Verification Services

As one of only 29 approved vendors, we are authorized to complete third-party background investigative reports related to insurance licensing applications. We strictly adhere to NAIC best practices/guidelines and have successfully completed thousands of due diligence investigations in all 50 states, as well as internationally. Rest assured that your important documents will remain confidential and protected any time you work with us.

Now that you know more about the different types of investigative research, did you know that CaptureINTEL also guarantees deadlines? This means that we make sure to deliver your comprehensive, easy-to-read report within your timeline since your scheduled closing date, court date, or transaction date are of critical importance to our team. Connect with us to explore how we can help you protect your name, integrity, and money.