Businesses worldwide face a growing number of risks with rapid economic, technological, and regulatory changes unfolding around them. Working with third parties, such as new suppliers and distributors, can be essential to achieve growth and success. Entering a strategic alliance or acquiring a business can be necessary to reach company goals. Hiring qualified senior executives can help lead your team in the right direction.

Mitigate risk and drive informed decision-making with professional corporate intelligence services by CaptureINTEL. Our top priority is to provide your business with crucial intel to proceed with peace of mind.

Mitigate Risk with Professional Corporate Intelligence

By definition, corporate intelligence involves the comprehensive collection of facts and due diligence on third parties, personnel, and other variables. The goal of corporate intelligence is to provide actionable insights to decision-makers regarding major/high-stakes transactions, complex dilemmas, and formidable risks.

Conducting corporate intelligence is particularly important in the following situations:

  1. Associating with a new or unknown third party. It is vital to assess potential risks before establishing relationships with third parties such as customers, vendors/suppliers, dealers/distributors, brokers, agents, and contractors. We can help you validate their legal entity status/business operations, credit/compliance risks, reputation, and more. A previous CaptureINTEL corporate intelligence investigation on a client’s potential independent contractor uncovered several lawsuits and financial issues. More importantly, the contractor’s claim of having an undergrad degree and a master’s degree in the specialized field were never earned.
  2. Wanting to invest in a new business, collaborate with another organization, or enter into a strategic alliance/joint venture association. CaptureINTEL can significantly improve your chances of M&A success. As a best practice, a corporate intelligence investigation should be completed before a deal closes to give the buyer confidence in what they are getting. We can help determine whether the target entity is legitimate with the credentials and services it claims. In addition, we can uncover if they are involved in corruption/fraud or a shell firm with no real staff or business purpose. On top of that, we research to see if they are subject to legal action, financial issues, or negative publicity.
  3. Appointing a new senior management official in your business or validating the credentials/reputation of an executive in the target company. It is important that you know they have the experience they state, are ethical, and have a positive reputation. A client trusted CaptureINTEL to conduct an investigation on the management team of their target company. The group had been with the business for several years, and the background search seemed to be a necessary nuisance. The preliminary findings on the company president found several judgments and liens in another state from 15 years ago. He also had two DWI convictions in more recent years. After notifying the client, we searched the additional state jurisdiction and provided very detailed information on all the civil and criminal lawsuits.

Even with unique cases, CaptureINTEL specializes in providing custom scopes that best fit your transaction. With decades of industry experience, we are a trusted advisor who empowers our clients with comprehensive corporate intelligence. After understanding your goals, we conduct your investigation accordingly. We then provide a detailed report that is easy to read and understand with guaranteed deadlines. Trust us to have your best interests in mind. Connect with our team today to get started!